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Chinese wholesale Lcd Monitor - Small sized screen,H40B23-00Z – tsont

Item Typical value Unit
Size 4.0 Inch
Resolution 480RGB*480 dots -
Outling dimension 75.76(W)*77.88(H)*2.15(T) mm
Viewing area 71.856(W)*470.78(H) mm
Type TFT
Viewing direction All O' Clock
Connection type: COG + FPC
Operating temperature: -20℃ -70℃ 
Storage temperature: -30℃ -80℃ 
Driver IC: ST7701S
Interfce type: RGB&MIPI
Brightness: 300 CD/㎡
Regardless of active or passive liquid crystal displays, in addition to liquid crystal materials, glass substrates (conductive glass), color filters, polarizers, backlights, etc. are required. Auxiliary materials include alignment agents, sealants, and gasket materials. . Of course, for a TFT-LCD, a TFT array needs to be fabricated on a glass substrate, and the materials it needs are almost the same as those of the semiconductor industry. In addition, the material cost structure of different liquid crystal displays is very different.