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Small sized screen,H32B17-00Z

Wide range of applications The original liquid crystal displays were not used to display delicate characters, so they were usually used in electronic watches and calculators. With the continuous development and progress of liquid crystal display technology, the character display has begun to become delicate, while also supporting basic color display, and is gradually used in LCD TVs, LCD monitors for video cameras, and handheld game consoles. The DSTN and TFT that appeared later were widely used as liquid crystal display devices in computers. DSTN liquid crystal displays were used in early notebook computers; TFT was used in notebook computers (now most notebook computers use TFT displays) , And used on mainstream desktop monitors.  
Item Typical value Unit
Size 3.2 Inch
Resolution 240RGB*320dots -
Outling dimension 53.6(W)*76.00(H)*2.46(T) mm
Viewing area 48.6(W)*64.8(H) mm
Type TFT
Viewing direction 12 O' Clock
Connection type: COG + FPC
Operating temperature: -20℃ -70℃ 
Storage temperature: -30℃ -80℃ 
Driver IC: ILI9341V
Interfce type: MCU
Brightness: 280 CD/㎡