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Hot Selling for 4.5 Inch Lcd - Small sized screen,H24C129-00W – tsont

Item Typical value Unit
Size 2.4 Inch
Resolution 240RGB*320dots -
Outling dimension 42.72(W)*60.26(H)*3.42(T) mm
Viewing area 36.72(W)*48.96(H) mm
Touch screen With resistive touch screen -
Type TFT
Viewing direction 12 O' Clock
Connection type: COG + FPC
Operating temperature: -20℃ -70℃ 
Storage temperature: -30℃ -80℃ 
Driver IC: ILI9341
Interfce type: MCU
Brightness: 160 CD/㎡
The TFTLCD liquid crystal cell is composed of a TFT array substrate and a color filter substrate.There is a TFT array on the array substrate. The TFT array consists of TFT units (TFT + Cs, Cs storage capacitor) corresponding to each pixel. Use several in the middle of the two substrates Micron spacers are raised to form uniform micron gaps, and liquid crystal materials are filled in the gaps. The liquid crystal materials currently used in the industrial production of liquid crystal display devices are mainly organic small molecule nematic materials. material. This liquid crystal molecule is an elongated rod-shaped molecule of about 100AX10 A, which usually exhibits flow dynamics at room temperature, which is liquid Crystalline phase. In addition to the liquidity of liquid crystal phase substances, they also have some crystalline characteristics, Anisotropy. These anisotropies are reflected optically in that they have optical birefringence properties to light (relative to liquid crystal molecules, light ) Have different propagation directions, which have different refractive indices). After the temperature of a liquid crystal material rises to a certain temperature, Into an isotropic phase, which is usually called a liquid phase. When the temperature is reduced to a certain degree, the liquid crystal material will also change from a nematic phase. Transformation into smectic or crystalline phase. When the liquid crystal material becomes an isotropic phase or a smectic phase and a solid, the liquid crystal displays The indicator is not working properly.