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Touch screen

Compared to CRT displays, LCDs overcome the shortcomings of CRTs such as large size, power consumption, and flicker, but also bring problems such as high cost, poor viewing angle, and unsatisfactory color display. But technically, the advantages of liquid crystal displays are still obvious, mainly in the following six areas: 1.Smaller size and lighter weight 2.Relative display area is larger 3.Zero radiation, no flicker 4.Higher picture quality    
Item Typical value Unit
Size 10.1 Inch
Resolution - -
Outling dimension 155.36(W)*236.58(H)*1.45(T) mm
Viewing area 136.36(W)*217.58(H) mm
Type G+G
Viewing direction -
Connection type: COB
Operating temperature: -10℃ -60℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ -70℃
Driver IC:  
Interfce type: I2C
Brightness: -